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Path Finding and Sphinx 3DPF Videos

List of Sphinx 3DPF Videos contained in SW Installation script
All accessed inside the GUI from the Help pull down menu

Chapter                          Title                                                              

0                          Video Overview Synopsis                                 

0.1                               3DPF Uninstall Install                                

0.2                               Environment Variable    

1                          3D System Synopsis                                              

1.1                                 3D System Concept                                   

1.2                                 Common GUI vs. Unique Engines   

2                              Basics Synopsis                                      

2.1                               Top Menu                                        

2.1a                             HotKeys                                             

2.1b                             BatchSim                                                                

2.2                               Navigation                                                                  

2.3                               Metal Snap to Grid                                                 

2.4                               Stretch metal/RDL                                     

2.5                               Copy and Paste                                                      

2.6                               Edit/Array:  metal planes and vias                          

2.7                               Rulers                                                                     

2.8                               Show Layers AND Show Blocks                          

2.9                               Display Views                                                       

2.A                              Mfg Parameters                                          

2.B                              Layout Parameters                                       

         3                         Create Interconnect Synopsis                                         

3.1                               Via Profiles                                                            

3.2                               Metal Layers                                                          

3.3                               Crop and KoZ                                                        

3.4                               Show Layers                                                          

3.5                               Display Views                                                       

3.6                               Edit Layers                                                             

3.7                               More Layout Edit Functions                                  

3.8                               DoE Import and Export                                          

3.9                                Block Creation                                                           

3.A                              Planar Metal Meshing                                            

3.B                              PDN tab port matching  

4                                  PDN Structures

4.1                               PDN Leaf Cell Creation                                         

4.2                               PDN Leaf Cell: matchingT/B and L/R ports          

4.3                               Creating PDNs using Leaf Cell                                                      

4.4                               Out of Memory Error                                           

5                          Future Sphinx 3DPF V4.5 Engine       

6                          Block to block interconnect Synopsis                    

6.1                               Balls and Pillars                                                                 

6.2                               Wire Bonds                     

7                          Time to Build Interposers Synopsis                               

7.1                               Load Blocks                                                           

7.2                               How to Stack                                                         

7.3                               Show Blocks                                                                      

7.4                               Edit in Place                                                           

7.5                               Wire Bonds    (same as 4.2)                                  

8                          Prepare for Sim Synopsis                                                              

8.1                               Ports/Refs                                                              

8.2                               Ports Select & Move and Align                             

8.3                               Continuity Check and TracePort                            

8.4                               Frequency Variables                                              

8.5                               Current Density and Excitation Voltage                 

8.6                               Planar Metal Meshing    (same as 3.9)                   

8.7                               Ball Segmentation                                                                                                                   

TBD                    Future Sphinx 3DPF V5.0 Engine                               

TBD                    Future Sphinx 3DPF V5.5 Engine                         

TBD                    Future Sphinx 3DPF V6.0 Engine                            

9                          Simulation Synopsis                                              

9.1                               Simulation                                                          

9.2                               BatchSim

A                         Review Results Synopsis                                       

A.1                              Touchstone Viewing                                      

A.2                              RLGC Viewing                                              

A.3                              Current Density and Excitation Voltage      

B                         Application Synopsis                                                                     

B.1a                             3DSystemConcept Blocks                             

B.1b                            3DSystemConcept Build                                    

B.1c                             3DSystem Concept Prepare Sim                            

B.1d                            3DSystem Concept Review Simulation                             

B.2a                             Stacked TSV with RDL using GUI                       

B.2b                            Stacked TSV with RDL using Import                    

B.2c                             Stacked TSV with RDL Sim Review                     

B.3                              TSV/RDL coupling                                                                        

B.4                              TSV Mesh                                                             

B.5                              POP Structure                                                        

B.6                              Pkg Stacked Die                                          


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